The production order is simple, and the product is promoted for the enterprise for free

Goldenfirs International SAASERP integrates multiple business support functions such as order management, financial accounting, and capital turnover. Suitable for trading companies, e-commerce owners, and factory owners.

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Three highlights of the product

Goldenfirs International SAASERP makes production orders simple, online ordering, 24-hour monitoring, process monitoring, etc., cooperates with more than 30 financial institutions, and provides enterprises with capital turnover services of more than 1 billion yuan.

Order management

The production order is simple, and the production progress is monitored in real time. The buyer establishes the production order, and the production and logistics warehousing of the entire product are completed collaboratively by multiple parties, and the production progress is monitored 24 hours a day.

Financial accounting

Online calculation of product cost, company financial statistics and other statistical methods, with fund statistics, material statistics, labor cost statistics, etc., bosses no longer worry about financial accounting, which is convenient and practical.

Free promotion

After the product is produced, it can be pushed to the source platform for free through the product management function. The source platform has been connected to the world's top 10 e-commerce platforms to promote products for enterprises for free.


About Goldenfirs

Goldenfirs International is based on an Internet enterprise that promotes industry change and value reconstruction with technological power. Goldenfirs International has many years of industry ERP experience and has honed its sword for ten years.
Goldenfirs International SAAS-ERP integrates three highlights of free promotion, production management, and financial management to give back to small and medium-sized enterprise users, and provides hundreds of millions of production funds every month to help enterprises develop. Respectively set up: 8 branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Zhejiang, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Germany Realize the intelligent processing of sales service, and the service efficiency has increased by more than 10 times the industry average level. The industry big data platform realizes the precision of customer needs, and low-cost mining leads exceed 1 million per month AI+ big data opens up system capabilities, resource capabilities, and tool capabilities to partners. Currently, it has empowered more than 30 sales platforms and 100 professional traders.

Products and services

With 15 years of industry experience, the most convenient way for enterprises to obtain the most practical functions.

Data big screen

The boss's combat command room can check the order production status, financial status, logistics status, distribution status, product promotion and other information anytime and anywhere.

Order distribution

The production order can be sent to the outgoing manufacturer for production according to the production process, and the production progress is monitored 24 hours a day.

Commodity management

Upload product SKU information and recommend it to the source platform to help companies promote for free.

Product management

It can connect with 90% of the ERP systems on the market, upload the products in the original ERP system to product management, and distribute and produce with one click.

Financial Management

Order financial flow, enterprise business accounting, cooperation funds, can manage money and property, accounts are clear, convenient and practical.

Cash flow

Goldenfirs International Supply Chain Finance provides enterprises with capital turnover services of more than RMB 1 billion per month, and the account will be credited within 48 hours, which is convenient and fast.

Road Map

With 15 years of experience in the ERP industry, the team comes from Fortune 500 companies, Bell Labs, Huawei, Lenovo, Tencent and many other companies.

January 2023

RPASALES is officially released to promote products for users for free.Monthly subsidy up to one million.

February 2022

The SHOPIJK self-service website building system is permanently free worldwide.Register to enjoy the service。

March 2020

Obtained financing of 10 million US dollars, and enterprise users reached a new high.Looking forward to fighting with you.

April 2019

There are more than 1,500 global users from more than 30 countries around the world. And obtained the unanimous approval of all.

May 2018

The general-purpose SAASERP was released, and industries such as jewelry, leather goods, and hardware took the lead.

Why Choose Goldenfirs International SAASERP

1.It is impossible to control the progress of outgoing orders and the production process.
2. The settlement details of the outgoing order are unclear.
3. Supply chain production funds cannot be turned over.
Goldenfirs International SAASREP can be decomposed according to the order information received by the enterprise, the specific product production parameters are distributed to each production process, the production efficiency of each process is monitored, and the production progress of the product and the completion percentage of the order quantity are constantly grasped, and the presentation of the storage data, The inventory of ordered products and various raw materials is clear at a glance. Production cost accounting, more quickly calculate the production cost and after-sales profit of the order. Fund turnover, to solve the shortage of production funds brought by the company's orders, through the ERP platform, you can fill in the company and order information to apply for short-term loan business.
Goldenfirs International SAASERP will provide various tailor-made services for the production management and development of the enterprise.

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Success case

Trusted by more than 2,000 customers around the world, it saves production costs of more than 1 billion yuan for enterprises every year.

Increase orders for overseas business by more than 30%
30 products are automatically sold worldwide
Orders for pet food products rose by more than 20%
30% increase in distribution order efficiency

Goldenfirs International Recruits Agents Globally

Goldenfirs International has sharpened its sword for ten years. Users from 19 countries around the world provide enterprises with hundreds of millions of funds every month to help enterprises develop. Over the years, Jinshan International has been committed to providing convenient methods for enterprises to grow rapidly. Supply chain management is not simply providing goods, which includes raw materials, production processes, order logistics, capital use and other links. After ten years, Jinshan International has finally completed the entire supply chain link.

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Goldenfirs International SAASERP has honed its sword for ten years, and its performance has increased by 100%. It looks forward to fighting side by side with you.