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goldenfirs international is based on Internet enterprises that use technology to promote industry reform and value reconstruction

Founded in 2015, goldenfirs international Technology has many years of industry ERP experience, and has honed a sword in ten years. goldenfirs international SAAS-ERP collects three highlights of capital turnover, production management, and cost management to feed back small and medium-sized enterprise users, and provides hundreds of millions of production funds every month to help enterprise development.

Set up 8 branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Zhejiang, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia and Germany

The intelligent processing of sales service has been realized, and the service efficiency has been improved by 10 times over the industry average level.

The industry big data platform realizes the accuracy of customer needs and low-cost mining of more than 1million clues per month

Ai+ big data has opened its system capabilities, resource capabilities and tool capabilities to partners. At present, it has enabled more than 30 sales platforms and 100 professional factories.
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Jewelry ERP Online


The largest jewelry ERP system in China


Enter the e-commerce field and start the construction of B2B e-commerce platform


2018 independent system platform construction


Automatic marketing platform launched


Supply platform, independent website platform and fully automatic marketing platform are fully launched

Welcome to goldenfirs International

Jinshan International Industry Sales big data allows you to complete orders within 24 hours

Industry ERP connects with the supply platform to make sales easier;

Supply platform, independent station building, fully automatic marketing platform, so that brand promotion can save costs;

Cooperate with 200 advertising channels around the world to provide all-round online promotion business

Autonomous operation systems in more than 200 countries allow products to be sold globally;


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